Ed Bockelman

Who is Ed Bockelman?

When people are asked to describe themselves, most of them begin by describing what they do.  Ed Bockelman is a minister.  He also works with his hands, doing physical work.  He enjoys researching meaningful questions, writing hacky python scripts, talking about deep subjects, helping people, and building things.  Now try to fit that into a box.  ?️

Ed Bockelman believes that what people value is just as important as what they do.  He values spirituality, self-development, self-control, service, humility, usefulness, and making a contribution.

He is good at self-discipline, dealing with difficult people, public speaking, working with mechanical things, and doing useful but unpopular things.  There are some things he struggles with, including selling himself, maintaining focus, organizing his thoughts, and having fun.  Since he believes being a well-rounded person is more important than getting rewards, he'll usually work on improving his weaknesses instead of playing to his strengths.

Ed has plenty of quirks.  He's ADHD hyperactive type, a computer geek, and proud of being weird. 

It's hard for him to have fun and be normal. He can discuss any subject at length and tell you more than you want to know.

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