Ed Bockelman

Welcome to my website. ?️

This will be the focal point of all my creative work.  On brightoutlook.com, I publish a well-researched blog post every week on personal development.  I am also working on a podcast.

I live in rural New York State, about two hours from New York City.  But it's nothing like the city. ?️  There are woodchucks, a chicken, rabbits, a skunk, and many colorful birds roaming freely through the backyard.

I am active on Twitter under the handle @thinkknight, and I will link to most of my posts here from that account.

I'll keep you updated on the articles I'm writing, the podcast I'm building in public, and our kitchen remodel project.  I just might post some pictures of our cat, Pablo.

The best way to keep up with what I'm doing is to subscribe to my newsletter.  You can be sure I will treat your e-mail address with the utmost respect.